What Types Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Can You Receive In North Carolina If You Are Injured?

There are two kinds of North Carolina workman’s comp benefits: medical treatment and loss of wages.

Medical treatment benefits include payment for medical and hospital care, doctor’s appointments, medical procedures, and payment for prescriptions. North Carolina workers’ comp law also provides payment for some travel to and from doctor appointments related to the workplace injury.

Wage loss benefits entitle the injured North Carolina worker to two-thirds of his average weekly wage for the work he misses as a result of his injury. No payment is made for the first 7 days of lost time unless the employee is out of work for at least 21 workdays in North Carolina.

The downside to North Carolina workers’ compensation is that North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits do not include pain and suffering damages. As a result, North Carolina employees often get lower amounts for their workers’ comp injuries than they otherwise might get in North Carolina courts if they could prove the employer was at fault. However, workers do not have the option of court or workers’ compensation in North Carolina. If it’s an employment related injury it’s workers’ comp in North Carolina.

What Injuries are Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Claims in North Carolina?

Employees are eligible for workers’ comp benefits in North Carolina for any injury that results from performing their job duties. This means an employee can recover for many accidents at work, or even for accidents outside of work while the employee is acting within the scope of his or her employment. For instance, although truck drivers employed by a firm may not have a specific workplace, they may successfully claim North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits when injured while driving their trucks.

Work injuries or injuries that occurred within the scope of employment, regardless of whether the injury was caused by employer negligence, another employee, or the injured employee’s own carelessness, make the injured party eligible for North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits.

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